Carrington College is throwing textbooks out the window.

Ok, maybe not literally… but you get the idea.

Why? Because our students don’t need them anymore! We’re bringing the technology into the classroom to enhance teaching and learning.

Let’s face it…writing is hard. So is lugging around a million pounds of books…and it’s so last year! Now Carrington College students can leave those heavy backpacks at home. Starting this year, most students get an iPad mini™ when they start class and…they can keep it when they graduate!

You deserve the best, and that’s why we’re committed to using iPad minis™ in every classroom across all of our 18 campuses. This is only the beginning – the sky is the limit at Carrington College!

Ummm…where are my books? 

Right in front of you! You load up each iPad mini™ with the books you’ll need for your program. That means no more heavy backpacks!

You can use your digital books on your iPad mini™ in more ways than you’d use old school books – to read, highlight and take notes. Plus the internet is right there, so you don’t need to be by your laptop while you study.

“There have been so many instances where I just NEEDED a question answered. My iPad mini™ allowed me to access my question I came up with via the internet, videos from lab class, all three of my books and more,” said Dental Assisting student Allison Barrett.

Why not just use regular books?

Studying with digital books is WAY easier. You can access them anytime, anywhere!

“I was even able to study while getting my tires changed! This helped me make good use of my time,” said Medical Assisting student Alisha Dougherty.

Now, let’s talk about the size.

An iPad mini™ fully loaded with an entire library of books weighs less than a pound. Think about how much all those textbooks in a backpack would weigh…which would you rather carry around all day? Plus, did you know backpack-related injuries sent more than 7,000 people to the emergency room in one year alone?  Heavy backpacks can be a major pain!

Guess what isn’t a pain? Carrying around an iPad mini™ thinner than a pencil.

What about any old books I have laying around?

Of course you can keep them, you paid for them! If you want to look back and review old material and study stuff you’ve forgotten, they’re a great resource.


But seriously, this is awesome. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out the sneak peek above to see what using an iPad mini™ in class at Carrington College is like.

*Not available on all campuses or in all programs

79 thoughts on “Why One College (Us, duh) is Getting Rid of Books

  1. Cassy

    how can we make this possible for the current students…? our school started this right after our semester started and we were not included… I would really like to stop lugging around 5 million pounds of books up and down the stairs!! I want to know how we (PN1 students) can get in on this great idea?

  2. Chey

    Which campus has this?

    • Hi Chey. iPad Minis are offered at each campus location but may not be available for every program. Please contact your local campus for more information.

      • Rachel

        Are they offered for Rns In the west campus in Az ?

      • Alex

        Does the Dental assistant or dental hygienist program at the Tucson, Az Carrington College get free mini Ipads as well?

      • The Dental Assisting program at the Tucson campus has the option to use the iPad Mini tablets. We currently do not offer the Dental Hygiene program the Tucson campus.

  3. Travsi

    If we already have an Ipad, may we just get the books transferred to that one. Ipad minis are very small. Also what kind of Ipad mini. 2 or 4???

    • Students receive an iPad Mini generation 2. However if you have a personal tablet you would like to use instead, you may do so as long as it meets the required specifications. You will be able to transfer the school textbooks to your own tablet. You can learn more about the required specifications at, page 160 in the section titled “Electronic Equipment Fee”.

  4. Amy

    Does the Vet Assisting program utilize the Ipad mini? Also any current student with any information about how the Vet Assisting program is would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Sophia

    Is the iPad mini available for the vet assistant program?

  6. Lynette

    My daughters are in the MA program!
    Do they still need to purchase the ebooks in order for it to be on the ipad??
    OR are the books already loaded in the Ipad?

  7. MIchael

    does the tablet come with a warranty?

  8. Roxi

    Is the iPad mini available for the medical assistance program?

  9. Kaya

    When does spring classes start?

  10. Joanne

    Are the iPad Mini’s available in the Medical Billing and Coding Program as well? Thanks!

      • Aimee

        Even the online medical coding/billing course?

      • The iPad Mini tablets are available for the Medical Billing and Coding program offered on campus or in a hybrid setting, however, the tablets are not available in the online program.

  11. Megan

    Does the Stockton campus offer it and also the vet technology class offer it?

    • Yes our Stockton campus offers the iPad Mini tablets for their programs, including Veterinary Technology.

  12. Adrian Brinkley

    Do you get to keep them when you graduate

  13. David Landers

    I would like to know if these Ipad mini’s included in the course are wi-fi or wi-fi and cellular?

    • The iPad Mini tablets are Wi-Fi only. However, like other devices it can be tethered to a cell phone for cellular capabilities.

  14. Azucena Sanchez

    Does the administration of justice department utilize this ipad.

    • Do you mean our Criminal Justice program? Our Criminal Justice students do use iPad mini tablets in their classes.

  15. Joyce chan

    Does the veterinary technology program provide iPad ??

    • Hi Joyce. Yes, the iPad mini tablets are available for the Veterinary Technology programs.

  16. rebecca

    my ipad was stolen, what do i do?

    • We’re sorry to hear that, Rebecca. We encourage you to file a police report and to work with your campus to obtain a replacement.

  17. Mary

    Hello I went to the catalog site for the start dates but it doesn’t show the start dates for Lpn to rn program. N does the program also use iPad. N one more question will I be able to take the class if I have a California LVN license? Thank you

    • Mary

      I’m interested in the Boise program

      • Hi Mary, thanks for reaching out to us. The LPN to RN program (also known as our Nursing Bridge program) has its next start date on January 2, 2017. Unfortunately, at this time the program does not utilize the iPad mini tablets. Please view our admission requirements for the program at, page 53. If you have any other questions, give us a call at 1-855-289-2171.

  18. Navi

    Does the DH program in Sacramento have them?

  19. jae

    Does the LVN program at the Sacramento campus use the iPad mini ?

  20. Jochelle

    Does the LVN program in the Sacramento area get the iPad minis also?

      • Jochelle

        Will they be using the books instead? Or is it because the program for the LVN hasn’t started yet?

      • The LVN program uses physical textbooks still. We are actively working on making those textbooks available as an e-book. We will then be able to provide the program with the iPad Mini tablets. Stay tuned! 😊

  21. Gray

    Will the iPad mini be available for the Surgical technician program located in San Jose?

  22. Ashley

    Does the administrative medical assistant online program offer the ipad mini?

    • The iPad Mini tablets are available for the Medical Administrative Assistant program offered on campus or in a hybrid setting, however, the tablets are not available in the online program.

  23. reina

    Does the iPod mini will be abalable for sell to students that are graduate already, and want to keep study about dental

  24. Trina

    Does the Stockton location offer the iPad mini for the Criminal Justice Program?

  25. Kimberly Wagner

    Do the Phoenix north offer the mini iPad for veterinarian assistant

  26. Bonnie

    When do the Medical assistant students at the Oakland campus get their ipad mini

  27. Jazmine

    Does the mini come with the physical therapy assistant program?

  28. Katie

    Does the Portland, Oregon campus utilize the Ipads for the Vet Assisting program?

  29. Lasandra

    Do the ipad minis go with the medical assistant program in Albuquerque? Or the medical billing and coding.

  30. Brittany

    do San leandro CA campus offer ipad minis with medical assisting program ?

  31. Daniela

    Hi! I am interested in the pharmacy technology class at the Sacramento location. Are the ipad minis available for this program?

  32. Maxine

    Is the iPad mini used in the Respiratory Care program?

  33. chaletha

    For the Ipad mini does it already come with all my books downloaded on to it or do I have to pay for them?

  34. Monnic

    are we able to keep the iPad after we are done with the program?

  35. Dee

    Does the Pharmacy Tech Program in stockton campus offer ipads too?

  36. ruby

    what iPad mini will i be getting if i start next month

  37. Oscar

    Do the medical lab technician students get ipads?

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